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What do wedding guests REALLY want to eat

3 courses, buffet, sharing platters, grazing tables what's bang on trend?

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Find out what one of the leading outside caterers in East Anglia think.

Crown Catering Cambridge would simply reply “Whatever you want. It’s your day”.

So what do you provide for your wedding guests? Treena Wilder of Crown Catering Cambridge writes:

For over 13 years we have been creating bespoke wedding catering to suit our clients preferences. Offering guidance and advice where needed, but at the end of the day, we deliver what our clients want.

Trends have changed a lot over the years. Weddings are less formal than they used to be, more relaxed and less structured and this reflects in the food too. So, let’s start at the beginning: the drinks reception. Canapes are still very popular and are something we recommend. Traditionally, bite-size savoury delights are served for around an hour prior to the wedding breakfast, which is perfect if you are then going into a 3-course meal. More of our clients though are opting for a longer reception, with a larger selection of canapes and then into a 2-course meal, heading straight to the main. We often hear that the canape reception is the most important and enjoyable part of the day for our couples. It sets the mood, plus it’s the perfect opportunity for the photographer to capture the fun, laughter and love in a natural and unstructured way.

Onto the meal. As mentioned, a 2-course menu is becoming more and more popular as are ‘sharing-style’ menus. It’s casual, fun, sociable and adds excitement. It can be as extravagant or a simple as you like: A true ‘Harry Potter‘ style elaborate banquet with carved meats, fresh fish, amazing salads and sides or as simple as a ‘family roast’ or a sharing ‘pie and mash’.

Dessert can be made to share too. Platters of miniature desserts brought to the tables for guests to enjoy during the speeches work well. Or if your meal is quite late in the day, an early evening dessert and cheese table will satisfy both the sweet and savoury-lovers and creates a stunning focal point.

Having said all this, a classic, plated and served meal is still extremely popular. Three or more courses of beautifully prepared, delicious food is always a winner. The important thing is that it’s your day and a good caterer will be capable of providing whatever is required to ensure that your wedding catering is as individual as you are.

Wedding catering isn’t just about the food, the service is equally important. Service should be professional and quick; discreet yet still attentive. We pride ourselves on the friendliness and professionalism of our CCC front of house staff who, on the day of the wedding, are the face of Crown Catering Cambridge. We employ only the best to give the best.

Crown Catering Cambridge is led by a team of passionate, energetic and inspired individuals dedicated to providing superb catering and a high level of personal service. We offer a bespoke catering service combined with a strong focus on organisation, an eye for flair and creativity and meticulous attention to detail and you can be rest assured that your wedding will be a success. | [email protected]

T: 01638 507702

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