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Wedding food is no longer just food, it’s a spectacle – enticing you in, and creating a focal point for your wedding day

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Create a focal point for your wedding with a Vintage Food Van

Food is no longer just food, it’s a spectacle – enticing you in, and creating a focal point for your wedding day. Our Couples and their guests love our Vintage Citroen H-van and it can be used for a variety of different things.

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Kick start your wedding day

Couples love to kick start their wedding day with their Arrival drinks served from our H Van. With its striking light blue colouring and vast size, it creates a fun atmosphere from the moment you arrive from the ceremony. We can serve ale from the back hatch, or light cocktails from the front – the choice is entirely up to the Couple, to allow a drinks reception unique to them. Recently we created and “Gin and Tonic” station from it, which allowed guests to choose their gin, and then there tonic, and then select from a choice of different garnishes, to create their perfect G & T!

A hub for evening food

The H Van can then act as the hub for evening food – a great alternative to a buffet style evening food, or food simply taken around on trays. We love serving guests delicious fish and chips which always go down a treat with guests of all ages, or a much-needed burger after hours of dancing the night away. A variety of chicken, beef and vegetable kebabs are also a winner in our van, giving off a great festival vibe to any wedding celebration, or if Thai or Indian curry is more up your street, the aromas will lure your guests in and will surely be a memorable part of the evening

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The great thing about food from the H Van, is that the food is always served in light, easy to hold, recyclable containers, making it easy to enjoy the tasty food, and chat away in the light summer evenings. If you like the look of our H Van and think it will work as part of your Wedding Catering or Event, call us today for our availability.

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