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Natural and reportage photography

The excellent Wedding Photographer Ayshea Goldberg shares her thoughts on natural and reportage style photography

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Storytelling style

Many couples want a natural and relaxed feel to their wedding images, but also to look and feel their best in their portraits. Blending natural moments alongside gently posed portraits is a gorgeous way to show your wedding day in images, so I describe it as a ‘storytelling’ style.

I believe that getting to know your couples in advance definitely helps, so that on a wedding day I’m just part of the group who happens to have a camera on each hip. By meeting my couples and explaining my approach beforehand makes everyone feel comfortable and reassured to the point that they just trust me to capture every moment and they can forget that I’m even there. We discuss what matters to them and needs to be included in their portfolio. It also gives me an insight into their personalities so that I can make their portfolio personal to them. That’s the key to successful natural imagery!

I get involved with the guests on a wedding day, a quick chat and a friendly smile puts everyone at ease, so that they forget I’m even there. It means that I get the most natural expressions and relaxed smiles.

Most of my day as a photographer is to blend into the background and watch for moments to happen - the butterflies when getting dressed, waiting for the laughter at the punchline of a joke, and of course the secret smiles and stolen kisses. I’m ready to capture each of these details, so that when couples look back on their photos they’ll see the little moments that they didn't notice, and that everyone had a great time.

There’s an art to posing couples so that they feel comfortable and will love how they look - often it’s about finding a beautiful backdrop and placing them in their favourite positions. Again knowing their characters in advance, how they smile, how they interact with each other is really important to bring in their real personality. And sometimes, it’s about me just stepping back and giving them space for themselves, and just photographing them being them from a distance.

For me, it’s not just about being present with a camera on a wedding day. I put a lot of preparation into working with my wedding couples, getting to know them and their life together, their wedding plans and putting them at ease to know that they can completely trust me. By the day their wedding arrives they know they’ll have the best time with photographs to match while not even realising that I’m taking them. For me, I just love following the day and being ready for whatever happens!

Article by Ayshea from Ayshea Goldberg Photography.

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