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Specialist marquee company Anglia Coastal Marquees share their expertise on creating THE BEST marquee wedding. Chris Boardley their Events & Operations Manager writes:

"When planning a marquee wedding there are many things to consider in order to create that perfect venue for your reception and/or ceremony. Here are some of the most important things you must consider:

Choosing a site is your starting point as without this your marquee wedding isn’t going to happen. It’s important to consider several things, such as:

- accessibility (for suppliers and for guests) and also parking facilities

- levelness of the site, i.e. the better the surface conditions the better flooring you’ll have inside the marquee. Although we supply hard wooden flooring which can be levelled if required, the costs of doing so are somewhat prohibiting and/or eat into your budget.

- is the site laid to grass, concrete, tarmac or is it an artificial lawn? We can erect marquees onto almost any surface, however there are co implications when going away from the standard grass field.

- think about the logistics of the day such as power supply for caterers, dj/band, lighting etc and also toilet facilities. When you’re considering toilets, do you need any specialist disabled access toilets for example? Where will they be positioned in order to not be too far away from the marque but also not in plain site.

- does your venue have a particularly good view over fields, rivers or any other special natural features which you can design your marquee layout around to make best sue of the views for your guests

Once you’ve nailed the siting think about the type of marquee, the size, shape and/or layout of marquee/s. There are many different style of marquees available to you from traditional wooden pole and canvas, Tipi’s, Stretch tents to modern frame styles. Each style have their own advantages and disadvantages, but with all you need to consider the following aspects of your day:

- most important is how many guests do I need to accommodate. What is
the best way to seat all guests? Round dining tables or long thin trestle tables? Are you expecting additional evening guests?

- do you have a certain shape site which requires a long & thin or a square marquee?

- Music are you having a large band or I man band for a dj? Have in mind that a large band (above 4pce) will require a much larger space

- think about having an additional reception marquee for a drinks reception. Bear in mind that if it is raining, you will need a space where all your guests can congregate.

- do you have a colour scheme in mind?

- do you require a catering tent for food prep

Combined with this you’ll also need to bear in mind what style of dining you want – is it a full 3-course sit down meal or a buffet style? Maybe you fancy an informal BBQ or Hog roast, in which case you probably won’t require as much space as you would for a sit-down meal.

Hopefully that has given you a good outline of what to consider if you would like a marquee wedding for YOUR Big Day!"

Chris Boardley
Events and Operations Manager

Tel: 01394 460450
email: [email protected]

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