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Choosing Seasonal Flowers for your Wedding by Wedding Florist Kaye Souter NDSF. FSF

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Have you chosen your wedding bouquet?

The smell of beautifully fragrant flowers as you walk into the Bride’s room on her wedding day with her bouquet is always appreciated by all around you, then you lift the tissue paper from the box to reveal the design and all the blooms she has carefully chosen with your help. Bouquets are chosen to match dresses, to include favourite flowers or flowers that are sentimental to the Bride, to bring out the essence of a wedding theme, to match the surroundings of the venue, to colour match with Bridesmaids’ dresses, Groom’s and Groomsmens’ outfits.

Seasonal flowers always set the tone of the day. They reflect the weather and the natural lighting around you. They instantly invite you to enjoy the day.

English Spring weddings often include Viburnuum, Narcissi, Tulips, Genista, Hyacinths, Freesias, Muscari and Lily of the Valley. With Roses, Alstroemeria, Peonies, Hydrangeas, Alliums, Cornflowers, Scabiousa, Sweet Peas, Antirrhinums, Stocks, Astilbe and Phlox for English Summer weddings. In the English Autumn we often use Dahlias, Anemones, Hypericum Berry, Gladioli and Amaranthus. For a seasonally English Winter wedding the delights of Amaryllis, Cymbidium Orchids and Ilex Berries bring a luxurious feel to proceedings.

Colours are often popular following on trend interior design décor ideas. Just now greys are particularly en vogue and we use a lot of different types of Eucalyptus, Succulents, Senecio and Brunia foliage to bring this through teamed with pastel pinks and ivories. However, we are also seeing some very bright, mixed selections with just one or two stems of each variety to give a very natural, just picked feel to the bouquet.

Textures make a design interesting especially if it is monochrome, so again different types of foliage but also berries, seed heads and ornamental grasses give another dimension to these designs.

We are very lucky to have local growers of Alstroemeria, Eustoma and Stocks and also farms that grow what could be termed as wildflowers, certainly native varieties, which would be perfect for the more environmentally conscious Bride.

Of course, we demand huge numbers of certain varieties such as roses, all perfectly formed and blooming at the same time, which can only be achieved when grown in mass and under glass.

When meeting with a Bride, I gain a lot of information about their preferred colours, varieties and design choices by simply chatting through ideas and showing previous examples of my work. I like to spend at least an hour or two gathering information that helps us to formulate what will work best; we meet more than once and have plenty of contact in between whilst other parts of the wedding are planned that may help with final choices to bring everything together.

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