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Choosing your Wedding Dress

Helpful tips for Brides when choosing their Wedding Dress, a list of do's and don'ts

Choosing the right wedding dress
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10 tips to help you choose your Wedding Dress

Brides, use these helpful wedding planner tips to make sure you choose your Wedding Dress correctly and make it a totally enjoyable experience it should be!

Don’t book a late appointment

You and the bridal shop staff will be fresh and focused. At the end of a busy day both you, your party and boutique staff are often tired, not a good starting point for such an important task.

Do focus on the style and silhouette that best suits your figure

Focus on what your own style is and what is most flattering on you. All the little details can be looked at after.

Do focus on your top half

Most photos feature you from the waist up so the bodice effect is really important

Don’t get caught up in the current trends

A mixture of both traditional and modern can be very glamorous and sexy and your photos should stand the test of time

Do take photos if the boutique allows

Ring ahead to check, this allows every angle to be checked and compared

Do try on lots of dresses to ensure you do find your dream dress

Try ones that you would never have thought was your style. Looking at dresses on hangers once on a real person is frequently totally transformed

Do be guided by salon owners

The staff will often have years of experience in helping brides find THE ONE

Do make sure you wear decent underwear

A strapless bra, in neutral/ light colour is best and simple plain white knickers seam free with no V.P.L (visible panty line). You must wear the underwear for the big day for the final fitting for the correct lift and complete final effect.

Do shave your under arms and legs.

You’ll feel so much better trying on dresses without stubble. Do wear make-up too; this gives a far more realistic view of the final look

Don’t take a huge entourage with you

Too many opinions get really confusing; take either mum or best friend. Bridesmaids can come once you’ve made your choice. (It’s a nightmare for boutique owners too.)

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