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Keep calm, keep it simple & get organised with our essential wedding day checklist to plan YOUR PERFECT WEDDING DAY!

Wedding Planner Tips
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12 months to go

  1. Announce your engagement to family & friends
  2. Place announcement in local paper
  3. Decide on wedding date
  4. Decide the type of wedding you want
  5. Agree your budget & decide who will pay for what
  6. Hire wedding co-ordinator if needed
  7. Registrar office- notify registrar & obtain marriage licence
  8. Draft a guest list - decide numbers
  9. Venue: research & visit & then make your final choice & book
  10. Choose attendants: Best Man, Bridesmaids & Ushers
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Research, book & confirm

  1. Caterers, Photographers, Musicians/DJ, Florist, Cake, Videographers, Wedding Cars & transport
  2. Search for your dress, then book initial & final fittings, Plan & book your honeymoon…
  3. Once all the above are done book wedding insurance Begin fitness & beauty routines.
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6 months to go

  1. Arrange your first meeting with your priest, minister or rabbi, if you are having a civil ceremony, book the registrar
  2. Choose outfits for the groom, best men, bridesmaids, ushers & page boys
  3. Order wedding stationery
  4. Select & order your wedding rings
  5. Choose your gift list company or maybe honeymoon items as gifts if you are already living together
  6. Discuss with parents what they will wear for the wedding
  7. Order chair covers and venue decorations
  8. Select ceremony music and wording for your vows if required
  9. Book a toastmaster if you require one
  10. Arrange to give notice of marriage
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4 months to go

  1. Send out invitations including gift list
  2. Give notice of marriage to superintendent if the wedding is in a church other than Church of England
  3. Confirm booking, if marrying in a register office
  4. Check all passports validity, vaccinations, visa & travel insurance
  5. Buy shoes, lingerie & accessories
  6. Book hair & make up trials
  7. Arrange rehearsal times
  8. Groom, Best Man & attendants fittings to be arranged
  9. Plan & book Hen & Stag celebrations ( not too close to wedding!)
  10. Confirm Order of Service
  11. Order Wedding Favours
  12. Reserve accommodation for guests who need it
  13. Book first night hotel
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1-2 months to go

  1. Buy gifts for best man, bridesmaids & ushers
  2. Chase up any unanswered invitations and start table plan
  3. Confirm numbers with the venue & caterer (including special diet requirements)
  4. Arrange your final dress fitting
  5. Collect Wedding Rings
  6. Groom, Best Man & father to write speeches
  7. Let photographer know the essential shots
  8. Buy each other wedding gifts
  9. Ensure all attendants have final fittings
  10. Confirm final timings with venue, entertainment and wedding transport companies
  11. Buy a guest book
  12. Have Order of Service Printed
  13. Shop for Honeymoon clothes
  14. List contact names & numbers of all suppliers & give to someone you trust in case ofemergencies
  15. Have final consultation with suppliers, notify of any changes
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2 weeks to go

  1. Finalise your table plan & let the venue, caterers & chair cover company know details
  2. Menu details finalised with caterer
  3. Record any gifts received in advance
  4. Wear in your wedding shoes
  5. Confirm rehearsal details with all those concerned
  6. Arrange for names changes on relevant paperwork
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1 week to go

Put together your emergency Wedding Day surival kit ready- ensure that you put someone in charge of it ie chief bridesmaid and include small sewing kit ( cream/white thread plus bridesmaids colours) safety pins,clear nail varnish ( for ladders in tights) spare tights,small white flannel, baby wipes, tissues ( for ceremony) toothbrish & toothpaste( get mini travel ones )mints or breath freshner spray,painkillers, plasters (shoes) contact numbers for all your suppliers.

  1. Pack for your honeymoon
  2. Final hair & make up practice
  3. Hold rehearsal with wedding party - give order of service to minister
  4. Groom have haircut
  5. Give rings to Best Man
  6. Have manicure & beauty treatments
  7. Confirm who is collecting or delivering corsages and buttonholes
  8. Have some early nights and try to relax - you're nearly there!
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The Wedding Day!

Just remember it will fly pass, try to relax, smile and… enjoy every moment

  1. Allow about 6 hours' preparation - yes really!
  2. Try & persuade everyone to eat breakfast, especially the bride & groom
  3. Best man collects any messages from people unable to attend
  4. Hair & make up for bride, bridesmaids & mothers, wear a top with button front so you don't have to pull it over your newly finished hair & make up
  5. Photographer to take pre- wedding pictures
  6. Groom & Best man to arrive 15 minutes early
  7. First car to take brides mother & bridesmaids
  8. Bride's transport for her & father
  9. The Registrar will confirm details separately with the bride & groom


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